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California School Fiscal Services

Providing comprehensive business office and consulting services to K-12 traditional schools and charters



Safe Travels this Christmas by Michael Krause

Posted on December 24, 2014 at 2:25 PM

Share any exciting news in your family this last year? New family members, children's accomplishments, fun trips?

My son is now four years old and has been in preschool all of this year. He will be ready for Kindergarten in fall 2015! My daughter is six now and had been doing really well in her First Grade class. We bought season passes to Knotts Berry Farm since we are only about 20 minutes away and have been going there quite often. We are about to drive back east to see my Mother in Tennessee the last week of December!


Anything new or exciting in 2014 with your job?

Professionally, I am working on my School Management Negotiators Certification through SEAC. Will be finished in March. I sit at the table with both CTA and CSEA in our District. We also hired a new Director of Fiscal Services back in March and she is doing a wonderful job!


Anything else notable that you could share?

Our former Supt. retired and we have a new Supt. at the helm and she is doing an exceptional job. She even went to the CBO Boot Camp! I am grateful for the USC network and all of the wonderful people that make up alumni. It is my wish in 2015 that we all stay in contact more often.

Categories: Graduates' News

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